Shrinking Democratic Space

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In the past few years, ACRI has been increasingly concerned by intensifying infringements on democratic freedoms in Israel. These threats arise, mainly, from two of the main institutions charged with safeguarding democracy: The Knesset (Israeli parliament) and government leadership. Senior officials have voiced harsh and unprecedented statements against human rights organizations, political groups, and minorities, and have made various attempts to curtail their operations. A tide of anti-democratic legislative proposals is being introduced in the Knesset and there is a rising wave of assaults on social, political, and national minorities in the public sphere.

As a result, the basic principles of the Israeli democratic system are being undermined. There is an ongoing attack on the principles of freedom of expression, human dignity and equality, and on freedom of assembly and protest. ACRI continues to demand accountability with regards to democratic principles and the assurance of such principles in every aspect of Israeli life.


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The Supreme Court ruled today (26.12.2018) that the Be'er Sheva municipality must continue to allocate the public shelter for the “Multaka”, the Jewish-Arab C...


Shrinking Democratic Space in Israel
November 2018 update

In recent years, Israel has been undergoing a process of "shrinking democratic space." All the elemen...


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The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) published today (12/10/2018) its annual position paper regarding the state of human rights in Israel. The pa...

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