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The Attack on Democracy: Monitoring Initiatives that Damage Human Rights and Democracy

The 25th Knesset and 37th Government: Monitoring Initiatives that Damage Human Rights and Democracy

August 2023

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Since the formation of the 25th Knesset and 37th government, the entire country – and many around the world – have observed a flood of anti-democratic initiatives that seek to harm democracy and human rights in Israel. The government has prioritized its “judicial reform,” which is effectively a constitutional coup, and has worked energetically to advance its proposed changes, despite extensive protests against the coup across Israel.

At the same time the government is also promoting a wide range of additional initiatives that form part of its broad agenda and have far-reaching and significant ramifications for human rights and democracy. Although these initiatives have attracted less public attention, they are being advanced rapidly. These initiatives are not officially part of the so-called “reform.” However in reality, they are an integral part of the constitutional coup. If adopted, they will change Israel’s character and weaken human rights and democracy. Accordingly, it is important to recognize these initiatives and understand the full picture concerning the attack on democracy and human rights.

This document presents a review of the range of anti-democratic initiatives in various fields that have been and are being promoted by the government. We should emphasize that all the examples discussed here are initiatives that are actually being promoted. Many other dangerous initiatives and proposals were mentioned in the coalition agreements or have been stated verbally by politicians, but have not yet reached the stage of practical action.

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