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אילוסטרציה - טלפון

Reach Out

for Consultation

Have your rights been violated? Looking for consultation? 

We invite you to reach out to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel's Public Hotline.

ACRI Hotline telephone: 972-73-7050751
Mondays and Wednesdays 10 AM – 2PM
Sundays and Thursdays 4 PM – 6 PM
Please contact via telephone during the above working hours.

What do we do?

The Public Hotline staff takes care of human rights violation complaints against the state and its authorities, or those acting on behalf of of the authorities (and in cases of discrimination and livelihood, by private entities, as well). We take requests from everyone, regardless of their status in Israel: citizens, residents, migrant workers, asylum seekers and refugees, residents of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, etc. 

Among other topics, we deal with:

  • The right to equality - discrimination on the basis of sex, nationality, sexual orientation, opinion, age, origin, etc.

  • Rights to services from Ministry of Interior: acceptance of status in Israel, change of registration

  • Worker's rights

  • The right to education

  • The right to health

  • Freedom of speech and the right to protest

  • Prisoner's rights

  • The right to privacy

  • Freedom of information

What don't we take care of?

  • Consumer Affairs (please contact the Israeli Consumer Council or Public Trust)

  • Private disputes between one person and another (i.e. divorce, neighbor disputes, landlord-tenant relations)

  • Fines and fees


What services can we provide?

  • Information about your rights

  • Advice on how to exercise your rights

  • Accompanying and handling your case with the authorities (when appropriate)

  • Referring to organizations specializing in your request

All services are free of charge.

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