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Photo by Zila Zlat, ACRI

Human Rights Education

ACRI believes that to foster a culture of human rights and bring about real and lasting social change in Israel, the educational system must advance the same key values we advocate for in the legal and public arenas. Awareness and appreciation for human and civil rights must be promoted early on, widely, and among all sectors of Israeli society. As such, ACRI’s Education Department conducts human rights training programs for thousands of educators across the country each year, produces high-quality educational curricula in Hebrew and Arabic, and organizes conferences and lectures on human rights education. By working with key agents of change – teachers in both the Jewish and Arab school systems, college and university students, security forces personnel, and social and community workers – ACRI effectively influences attitudes and contributes toward building a more tolerant and just society.

ACRI also operates a program on International Humanitarian Law (IHL) in order to raise public awareness about the harsh implications of harming a civilian population in the course of armed combat and of the military’s obligation to prevent such injuries. ACRI offers IHL educational workshops to social activists, students, educators, youth movement counselors, and students at pre-military academies. The overriding objective is to enhance the participants’ knowledge of IHL, and to provide opportunities for discussion and for developing their positions on the issues involved.

‘The Workshop’ – ACRI’s education department's website: Hebrew | Arabic

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