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Registered professionals must act in an egalitarian manner


Registered professions are those that require licenses, such as doctors, security guards, psychologists, lawyers, real estate agents, and others. The Committee for the Elimination of Racism against Ethiopian Jews (the Palmor Committee) recommended establishing infrastructure to crack down on professions with racist tendencies or improper discrimination. The Committee's report posits that "there is currently no uniform and clear policy regarding the implementation of disciplinary action against professionals who inappropriately conducted themselves in a racist and discriminatory manner." Therefore, the Committee recommended that "the Attorney General consider issuing a directive to all disciplinary prosecutors of licensed professions, in which he will clarify his policy regarding disciplinary action in cases where there is evidentiary basis for racist and discriminatory behavior." This recommendation was anchored in Government Resolution 1958 from August 19, 2016, but has not yet been implemented.

ACRI's position is that it is the state’s duty to oversee that a person granted a license for a particular profession will work in a manner appropriate to the profession. Provision of a professional service in a racist or discriminatory manner does not suit the dignity of the profession and justifies taking disciplinary action. Attorneys Gil Gan-Mor and Anne Sucio of ACRI appealed to the Deputy Attorney General to expedite the implementation of the government's decision on the matter. In the appeal, the lawyers detail the proper principles for implementing the decision and recommendations regarding each relevant profession.

Letter from ACRI to the Deputy Attorney General, 26.6.2019 (Hebrew) | Appendix - Table of Recommendations (Hebrew)

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