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East Jerusalem

Since Israel’s illegal annexation of East Jerusalem in 1967, Palestinians in East Jerusalem hold the status of “permanent residents” of Israel. As such, they are required to pay taxes and are entitled to all rights and services that are provided to Israeli citizens, except for the right to vote in the general elections.

In reality, however, over the past four decades, the Israeli government has neglected to allocate the necessary resources to develop East Jerusalem. As a result, there is a severe shortage of public services and infrastructure in East Jerusalem, including health and education services, welfare services, postal services and water and sewage systems.

The continuation of discriminatory policies in East Jerusalem has led to a decline in Palestinian residency. ACRI continues to protest these racist policies, and the home demolitions and forced relocation that result. ACRI works within the courts and through public awareness campaigns to safeguard the fundamental human rights of Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem.

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