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East Jerusalem - Facts & Figures

May 2019

Poverty and adversity:

72% of all Palestinian families in Jerusalem live below the poverty line, compared to 26% of Jewish families.

81% of the Palestinian children in Jerusalem live below the poverty line, compared to 36% of the Jewish children.

The average population per home in Jerusalem: approximately 6 persons per dwelling in the Arab population, compared to 3.2 persons per dwelling in the Jewish population.

And despite the great need - a lack of welfare services:

Only 6 welfare offices operate in East Jerusalem, compared with 19 in the western part of the city.

Average number of clients per welfare office: East Jerusalem - 55,796,  West Jerusalem - 29,990.

In East Jerusalem, 533 families are waiting to receive welfare services, compared to 211 families in the rest of the city.

Huge gaps in education:

32% of the Palestinian students in Jerusalem do not complete 12 years of schooling, compared with 1.5% of the Jewish students in Jerusalem.

Of the 3,800 missing classrooms in the city, 1,983 (52%) are in East Jerusalem.

Of the 370 salaried positions for Educational Psychologists in the city, only 30 are for East Jerusalem.

And a lack of basic services:

Only 44% of East Jerusalem residents are connected to the water network in a regulated and formal manner.

The Jerusalem Municipality operates 6 infant care centers in the Palestinian neighborhoods of Jerusalem, compared with 25 in the Israeli neighborhoods.

In the Palestinian neighborhoods of Jerusalem there are 8 post offices branches, compared with 33 in the Jewish-Israeli neighborhoods.

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