Equality and Anti-Racism

The State of Israel is obligated to treat every person equally, regardless of religion, nationality, ethnicity, gender, personal status, age, sexual orientation, disability, or any other factor. This includes equality in housing, healthcare, education, and employment. Equality, though, is  far from the reality on the ground, as the right to equality is not yet enshrined in laws regarding most aspects of life, and prejudice and discrimination still run rampant throughout Israeli society.

While the racial distinction between the Jewish Israeli population and the Arab Israeli and Palestinian populations continues to be the most pervasive within Israeli society, there are also a number of other disenfranchised communities whom have yet to know equality. This discrimination particularly affects the physically and mentally handicapped, the LGBT community, the poor and homeless, and women - specifically religious and Arab women. 

ACRI conducts a wide range of educational activities to instill within society the concept of equality and respect for all people, particularly those belonging to minority groups. Concomitantly, ACRI works intensively through the legal and policy channels to fight against every form of discrimination, whether by state agencies or private bodies. ACRI continues to evaluate and respond to specific cases of inequality, while working towards broader reform leading to a more equal society and a state with the inclusive policies to match its robust rhetoric of equality.


ACRI requested to join Supreme Court proceedings as an "amicus curiae" on the matter of housing discrimination.

This is a request for permission to appeal on b...


In advance of the upcoming elections, the public conversation is filled with debate over placing cameras and recording devices in polling stations.

During thes...


On July 9, 2019, 129 asylum seekers and immigrant residents from Petah Tikva, along with ACRI and ASSAF - Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers, pe...


Last week, together with Haifa University’s Clinic for Educational Policy and Law and Assaf- Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers, we filed a laws...


Local pride organizations in Netanya, along with The Aguda- Israel’s LGBT Taskforce, requested to host the city’s first Pride Parade. The Pride event was init...


Pinning protesters to the ground, chokeholds, excessive use of force, a deafening scream, and behind-the-back handcuffing – these are just some of the "means...


The first Bat Yam Pride event is scheduled to take place next Tuesday. The event is organized by City Council member Kati Plasecki-Morag, The Aguda – Israel's...


Registered professions are those that require licenses, such as doctors, security guards, psychologists, lawyers, real estate agents, and others. The Committe...

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