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The Occupied Territories

Since the occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in 1967, Israel has denied millions of Palestinian residents their fundamental human rights, preventing them from taking part in decisions affecting their fate. The Occupation permeates every aspect of Palestinians’ daily lives, violating almost every basic right: the right to life and bodily integrity, freedom of movement, employment, family life, housing, health, education, and human dignity. Palestinians living within the Occupied Territories increasingly see their rights sacrificed in favor of Jewish Israelis for the expansion of settlement-building projects.

ACRI works within the legal system to promote the fair treatment of Palestinians before the law, to oppose the illegal allotment and usage of land for settlement building and military training, to petition against home demolitions and evacuations, to promote freedom of movement and to continue working towards the recognition of all other rights guaranteed under international law. Additionally, ACRI engages in public outreach to educate residents about their rights and to inform the Israeli public of the impact of the Occupation in order to increase accountability of Israeli leadership and military personnel.


In anticipation of the hearing on the deportation of Omar Shaker, HRW's representative in Israel, at the High Court of Justice, today 20 Israeli civil society...


On 15.7.2019, ACRI requested that the Chief Military Advocate issue a directive against soldiers dressing up as humanitarian aid workers. We requested they cl...


A few years ago, soldiers sealed the windows of the house where the “A” family lives in Hebron, which faces the Worshipers' Way, Erez Alley. Nine people live...


The 20th Knesset's wave of legislation on the topic of the West Bank hides the fact that the government has no interest in annexation, but only to entrench an...


52 Years of Occupation in The West Bank: A sequence of laws and decisions endorses the link between settlements and sovereign Israel, deepening violations of...


The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) petitioned the High Court of Justice today (Thursday) on behalf of Walid and Yasser Abu al-Kabash, Palestini...


On May 13, 2019, ACRI appealed to the Director General of the Population and Immigration Authority, requesting that Palestinians in the process of family reun...

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