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Unprecedented Settler Violence Against Palestinians in the West Bank

The US has recently implemented a visa ban on any Israeli citizens that are known to have participated or aided in settler violence against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank. This is the most punitive measure the US has taken against those who they believe are undermining peace and security in the region in over two decades. As a result, holding Israeli authorities accountable for curbing the unprecedented increase in violence in the West Bank.  

Following the outbreak of the war, settlers in the West Bank have exploited the state of emergency to attack, destroy and threaten Palestinian communities, expediting the process of annexation and expulsion that has been heavily increasing each year. While the public’s attention is consumed by war efforts, an average of 7 attacks a day have been occurring in the West Bank, an all-time high with the already escalated average of 3 settler attacks a day within the first 8 months of 2023.  

ACRI, together with partnered organizations Bimkom Planners for Planning Rights, Yesh Din and Haqel in Defense for Human Rights, sent urgent legal correspondence to Israeli authorities documenting every personal settler attack since the start of the war:

On October 19th 5 settlers invaded the home of an elderly Palestinian resident in Radhem. They proceeded to beat him and threatened to continue their violent attacks if he did not leave his home within 5 days.  

On October 20th settlers torched a home in Nu’eimeh. 

On October 22nd, settlers invaded the town of Huwarah in the night firing live ammunition at homes and setting fire to cars.

On October 25th, settlers dressed in military uniforms apprehended and held a mentally handicapped and deaf Palestinian resident of Masafer Yatta until 1:00 in the morning, leaving him with bruises all over his body.  

More than 283 violent attacks by settlers have occurred, taking the lives of 9 Palestinians. From October 7th to mid-November, 160 families comprising of 352 children were forced to flee and abandon their homes. For the complete list of documented settler violence in the West Bank and legal correspondence sent since October 7th click here.  

During the times of heightened violence, ACRI is unwavering in its duty to uphold the Israeli government to its responsibility to deter violence in the West bank. Although Israeli Ministers continue to dismiss acts of settler violence imposed on Palestinians on a daily basis, we continue to staunchly defend and protect all citizens affected by these crimes. The significance of applying international pressure to Israeli authorities regarding West Bank violence is as crucial as it has ever been. 

This violence is not by accident, it’s a policy. 

Join us in our fight to preserve human and civil rights for all. 


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