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COVID-19: Women's Rights

Joined in a letter initiated by the Women’s Caucus to the Director of the National Insurance Institute to request they allow maternity leave to be paid to mothers who took sick leave because of Corona (01-04-2020).

Together with the Coalition Against the Exclusion of Women we put out a position paper on the exclusion of women in the government coalition negotiations (01-04-2020)

Joined a letter with other organizations to the government and Civil Service Commission demanding the appointment of women to director positions within government ministries (07-04-2020).

Petitioned with 13 organizations regarding lack of female representation in National Security Committee (19-04-2020).

Joined a petition with the Worker’s Rights Clinic and WIZO against the imposition of emergency regulations that allow for putting pregnant women and women undergoing fertility treatments on sick leave without pay (13-04-2020). As a result, these emergency regulations were canceled. Participated in HCJ hearing with Adalah and WIZO to find a solution for the thousands of women already harmed by the 11 days that this regulation was in place (20-4-2020).


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