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The Ministry of National Security Does Not Oversee Individuals Holding Private Firearms

Since the outbreak of the war, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of individuals seeking a license for private firearms. Concurrently, regulations for carrying weapons were distinguished, expanding the scope of those eligible for a private firearm license. The Ministry of National Security even launched a wide campaign to encourage arming. However, while the process of obtaining a firearm has been greatly simplified and accelerated, no changes have been made to establish mechanisms for monitoring firearm holders. In fact, the Ministry of National Security does not maintain any, even minimal, oversight over private firearm holders, but only over organizational weapon bearers. For example, there is no supervision over the obligation to keep a private firearm in a concealed safe. In addition, the licensing process itself does not involve checking with the Ministry of Welfare and the National Insurance Institute regarding the mental state and potential danger of the license applicant (such as a history of domestic violence).

The coalition "Gun Free Kitchen Tables," which includes ACRI, addressed the issue to the head of the Licensing and Supervision Department of Firearms at the Ministry of National Security. In their communications, attorneys Maisa Arshid from the coalition and Attorney Anne Suciu from ACRI requested:

  1. To include in the licensing process a prerequisite for approval from the Ministry of Welfare and National Insurance, and a requirement to present approval for the purchase of an approved safe.

  2. To allocate resources urgently to establish regulations and clear guidelines for monitoring private firearms, to publish them publicly, and to conduct meaningful and effective oversight of private firearm holders, including through inspectors and surprise inspections.

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