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Election 2021 Position Papers

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For the 2021 election, we addressed candidates and parties on a wide range of issues and asked that they commit to promoting human rights—in their party lists, in the public agenda of their campaigns, and in their actions after the election. The following documents present key issues and proposals for action in various areas.

The right to a dignified existence: Ensuring essential services, such as water and electricity for all; ensuring the dignity of people living in poverty, such as through assisting debtors; determining a basket of binding welfare services and reforming the budgeting mechanism of the welfare system; legal regulation of care for children at risk in the welfare system, such as ensuring fair proceedings and legal representation for parents; and promoting a Basic Law: Social Rights.

Arab Minority Rights: The Nation-State Law; the fight against crime and violence in Arab society; promoting planning in Arab society and communities, as well as combatting the consequences of the Kaminitz Law; protecting the rights and culture of Arab-Bedouin citizens in the Negev by promoting recognition of unrecognized villages, planning and infrastructure in recognized villages, public transportation; accessibility of services in Arabic

Human Rights in the Occupied Territories: De jure and de facto annexation in the Occupied Territories, direct Knesset legislation on the Occupied Territories, and land registration arrangements in the Occupied Territories.

Shrinking democratic space: Basic Law: The Nation-State Law; protecting the Supreme Court; protecting the rule of law and law enforcement system; protecting the free media and civil society organizations; protecting religious pluralism and combating the exclusion of women; freedom of expression and conscience


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