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Publishing Humiliating Images of Detainees by the Police

On 29.10.2023, we appealed (Hebrew) to the Attorney General and the Police Commissioner, demanding that the police stop photographing images of Arab detainees suspected of expressing support for terrorism, while handcuffed and against the backdrop of the Israeli flag, and circulating them on social networks and in the media.

In the appeal, the attorneys Gadeer Nicola and Anne Suciu wrote that this conduct infringes upon the fundamental rights of the suspects and detainees to dignity, privacy, and due process, without any justification, designed entirely to degrade and humiliate the detainees. They emphasized that the criminal process and the investigative procedure obligate investigative authorities to refrain from publishing images of suspects whose guilt has not yet been proven and who are presumed innocent.

Moreover, they pointed out that this practice by the police is directed toward the national identity of the suspects and detainees to degrade them and even present them as traitors. It fuels public anger and incites the public against these suspects, endangering their lives. "Especially in these ominous days - days of shock, loss, mourning, and grief, painful, frightening, and sensitive days where nerves are tense and emotions high - where all Israeli citizens and residents are paying a heavy price, the authorities and particularly the Israeli Police are required to act responsibly and wisely, not with bias and denigration," was written in the appeal.


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