Separate is not Equal!

Join us in the struggle to de-segregate schools in Tel Aviv.

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Some 4,500 children of asylum seekers are enrolled in educational institutions in Tel Aviv - over 90% of whom attend institutions completely segregated from Israeli citizens. 

On July 26, the Tel Aviv-Yafo District Court published its outrageous decision on our petition

demanding an end to the racial segregation between children of asylum seekers and Israeli citizens in Tel Aviv-Yafo's schools.


The Court chose to maintain the status quo while neglecting to address the dozens of kindergartens and four elementary schools intended exclusively for children of asylum seekers and foreigners, the vast majority of whom descend from African countries.

Sixty eight years after the determination in Brown v. Board of Education that separate is not equal reverberated across the globe, the Tel Aviv District Court failed to address our central argument: separate educational institutions are illegal. 

Segregation in schools and kindergartens is discriminatory, humiliating and creates a sense of indignity. The majority of these children were born in Israel, are growing up in Israel, and will remain in Israel. They are part of Israeli society.

We will appeal to the High Court. Will you join and donate to help us raise $30,000 to fight for equality in education and de-segregate schools? Every dollar will be matched due to a generous gift toward the campaign.

Donations from Israel the U.S., and the U.K. are tax-deductible.