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Dan Yakir Retierment Haaretz Interview

Dear Friends,

The first time I met Dan Yakir, I was ACRI's client. Back in 2006, Dan represented the Jerusalem Open House during the struggle to hold the Jerusalem Pride march. His compelling advocacy before the judges, asserting our community's right to march without fear and demand full equality, left a profound impact. He passionately addressed the need to counter incitement and emphasized the police's responsibility to protect us. The impression he left on the judges and the level of respect they showed him were truly remarkable.

That moment had a transformational effect on me. It highlighted the power of the justice system in amplifying the voices of marginalized groups and achieving justice and equality. Over the years, I have witnessed numerous clients, representing various groups, sharing a similar experience to mine 17 years ago. Thanks to Dan Yakir's dedicated representation, many have had the privilege of having their voices heard. Dan's profound understanding of their struggles, coupled with his respect for their narratives and needs, allowed him to bring their voices to the forefront in courtrooms through brilliant, articulate, and persuasive legal arguments.

Dan's extensive list of achievements in advancing human rights in Israel is noteworthy, ranging from landmark cases in the Supreme Court, such as challenging the allocation of public land exclusively to Jews, to advocating for the rights of people with disabilities and protecting vulnerable debtors from having their electricity disconnected. His work also encompasses defending freedom of expression and preserving our cultural diversity.

As Dan prepares to retire after nearly 30 years as ACRI's legal advisor, this is a significant moment for all of us, particularly during these challenging times. Nevertheless, our commitment to upholding the principles that Dan has instilled remains unwavering, and we are determined to carry forward his remarkable legacy. To commemorate Dan's retirement, Haaretz correspondent sat down with him for an insightful conversation about the protection of human rights in Israel and his instrumental role in advancing them.

I am delighted to announce that although Dan is stepping down from his professional role at ACRI, we couldn't bear to let him go entirely. In recognition of his immense contributions, ACRI's general assembly will vote for Dan to become the incoming board president, the highest lay leadership position within ACRI. We are thrilled that Dan will continue to support ACRI's mission of safeguarding human and civil rights in Israel.

To honor Dan Yakir's unwavering dedication to human rights for all, I kindly ask for your support by contributing to ACRI's campaign. Your generous donation will not only express our heartfelt appreciation for Dan's remarkable work but also contribute to the ongoing fight for justice and equality. Together, we can uphold the principles that Dan has championed and make a lasting impact in protecting human rights.

Yours, Noa Sattath Executive Director Association for Civil Rights in Israel


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