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  • Noa Sattath

ACRI's Triumph! High Court Nullifies Reasonableness Clause Revocation

We are thrilled to announce a significant victory for human rights: the High Court of Justice accepted ACRI's stance, representing 38 human rights organizations ranging across a wide range of focus areas, by nullifying the revocation of the reasonableness clause.

The NPR radio show I was recently featured in, emphasizes that the High Court decision staunchly opposes attempts to undermine the human rights of every Israeli citizen and obstruct judicial oversight of governmental decisions by the government and ministers.

This decision is particularly crucial given Israel's lack of a rigid constitution protecting human rights, coupled with the ease with which Basic Laws can be amended by a small majority. The High Court's unwavering assertion of its authority to annul Basic Laws is pivotal, serving as a cornerstone for preserving democratic governance and human rights. 

ACRI's petition emphasized numerous human rights at risk due to the removal of the reasonableness clause, including the right to live with dignity for those deprived of electricity, housing rights, human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, accessibility laws, asylum seekers' rights, and more. In a recent New York Times article, ACRI's Director of the Civil and Social Rights Unit, Gil Gan-Mor delves into the magnitude of this nullification for Israel's democracy; read it here.

While we hope that this marks the end of attempts to undermine the judiciary, it's vital to acknowledge the ongoing challenges. Attacks by Jewish settlers against Palestinian citizens in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, harm inflicted upon Arab society inside Israel, and the politicization of the police collectively constitute an anti-democratic coup in progress. These issues pose the subsequent challenge that the court must confront.

Stay tuned for further updates on our ongoing efforts to safeguard human rights.


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