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Two Police Forces for Two Peoples

Two Police Forces For Two Peoples
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Since its establishment, the government has been promoting significant changes in the realm of personal security and law enforcement. Alongside the agreements reached in coalition negotiations, these changes are likely to lead to the establishment of separate and discriminatory monitoring and enforcement mechanisms for Arab citizens, labeling them as "enemies" and "security threats," thereby seriously endangering their fundamental rights to life, protection, dignity, equality, freedom of expression, and protest. The legal system towards the Arab society will be characterized by a policy of repression, excessive surveillance, severe rights violations, harsher punishment, and impunity for police officers and security personnel.

The position paper above, "Two Police Forces For Two Peoples," examined by Attorney Gadir Nicola, Head of the Department for Arab Society Rights, delves into the array of initiatives in question: expanding the authority of the Minister of National Security, establishing a National Guard, empowering the Shin Bet in combating violence and crime, transferring additional enforcement powers to the Minister of National Security, intensifying punishment for offenses labeled as "Arab offenses," and promoting a lenient approach towards the conduct of Arab citizens.


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