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Allow Palestinians to leave via Taba border crossing

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On May 13, 2019, ACRI appealed to the Director General of the Population and Immigration Authority, requesting that Palestinians in the process of family reunification, who have permits to stay in Israel or temporary resident status, be permitted to travel through the Taba border crossing to Egypt without any restriction or the need for a special permit.

Testimonies that ACRI received indicate that Palestinians with temporary residency had previously traveled freely via the Taba border crossing, but this policy changed a few years ago. Now they are forbidden to enter Egypt by land with a Palestinian passport, and they are referred to the District Coordination Office to receive a permit.

ACRI attorneys Tal Hassin and Abir Joubran Dakwar are bringing forth two cases in the appeal, which illustrate the severe harm involved in the decision to prevent the free passage of Palestinians through the Taba crossing. They write that this policy is arbitrary and unreasonable, severely harming hundreds and thousands of families in Israel, and violating constitutional rights, including the right to dignity, family, equality, freedom of occupation, and freedom of movement.

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