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ACRI Petition on Freedom of Movement in Hebron

On 16.4.18 ACRI petitioned the High Court of Justice to rescind restrictions on Palestinian access to the stairway that leads to the Cordoba school, and goes to and from the Tel Rumeida neighborhood in Hebron. The stairway had been open to all Palestinian foot traffic until December 2015. Since then, soldiers have restricted access to elderly people, one of the families that lives in Tel Rumeida, and students only during specific morning and afternoon hours. All other residents are forced to walk the long and uncomfortable way around to get to Tel Rumeida.

ACRI claims that because there is no military command for the restrictions on movement, these restrictions are enforced without jurisdiction. Additionally, the restrictions are unreasonable as they create barriers between neighbors and prevent elderly and disabled neighborhood residents from living comfortably or at least as comfortable as other Palestinians in Hebron.

HCJ 3043/18

Attorney: Roni Pelli

For further information (Hebrew)

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