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The Prime Minister’s Message to Border Police: Do Not Worry About Public Inquiries

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu
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Following Prime Minister’s remarks to Border Police upon their entry to the city of Lod, to act with no fear of public inquiries and investigations, we appealed to the State Attorney’s Office and Prime Minister on 13.5.2021, asking that they immediately release an unequivocally clear statement to all Police commanders and officers working across the State, informing them that they are mandated to act by law and strictly within their authority, and that they will be held responsible for their actions. Therefore, they are expected to act in order to protect the lives and wellbeing of all residents of a place, regardless of nationality or background.

In the appeal, Attorney Gadeer Nicola wrote, “Such words from the Prime Minister, at a time when the State is experiencing severe violence towards citizens and their property based on their national identity, and these words meant for Border Police a short while before their entry into the mixed city of Lod, are effectively granting a green light from the highest ranking to officers to act without reservation even in the face of violating authority. There is no other way to interpret the Prime Minister saying, ‘Do not fear public inquiries and investigations’ except as a call to act forcefully while deviating from the rules and principles guiding the activity of the Security Forces set forth in the relevant procedures and commands.”


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