Making the Employment Services Accessible in Arabic

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On 25.2.2021, ACRI petitioned to the High Court in the name of three residents of East Jerusalem and Ma’an - Workers Association, requesting that the court instruct the Employment Services to make its services accessible in the Arabic language. In addition, we demanded that the they provide an Arabic phone service as a part of its national public helpline, with the same quality and availability as the one offered in Hebrew; translate the online forms on the website and allow them to be filled out and submitted in Arabic; send text messages to Arabic speakers in both languages - Arabic and Hebrew; and translate all Hebrew information on their website into Arabic.

In the petition, we argued that in the present situation, an Arab resident who is not fluent in Hebrew is effectively prevented from accessing basic services or is otherwise dependent on the assistance of organizations or family members in order to access these services. This situation severely violates the constitutional rights to privacy and a dignified existence.

HCJ 1373/21

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