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Bedouin Villages Invisible Even to Home Front Command

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On 17.6.2020, once again, we appealed to the Home Front Command requesting that the names of Bedouin Arab villages not recognized within the Negev territory be added to the database of localities in the Home Front Command’s Alarm Notification app. The app is used for sending real-time warnings to civilians about fired missiles and rockets, according to locality. Since it does not include the names of 35 unrecognized Arab villages, it does not allow its residents to enroll and utilize this essential service provided. This situation severely hurts their basic rights to life, physical integrity, and equality.

In the appeal, Attorney Sana Ibn Bari emphasized that the unrecognized villages have no protective measure, such as permanent public shelters or organized safe spaces, despite being in the direct line of missile fire. Considering the degree of danger to the lives of residents, there is special importance to providing the unrecognized villages real-time warnings about missiles fired.

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