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Following Our Appeal, S. Went Back to School


We recently appealed to the head of the El-Kasom Regional Council and the Ministry of Education regarding a student in the first grade, who lives in an unrecognized village in the Negev and goes to an elementary school in Kaseifa, 10 kilometers away from his home. The student gets to school via transportation operated by the El-Kasom Regional Council.

For months and months, the student has suffered from irregular transportation, which disrupted his studies and daily routine: he used to get on the school bus at 7:00, and arrive at school at 8:30, thus losing half an hour of class time each day since the beginning of the school year. As for the way back, transportation would not arrive at all, compelling him to stay at his relatives’ home in Kaseifa after school ended until his father came to pick him up at 19:00. Since 9.1.2020, the Regional Council ceased to provide him with any transportation whatsoever.

In the appeal, ACRI Attorney Sana Ibn Ari emphasized that the student is legally entitled to regular transportation from his home to school and back, and that the Ministry of Education and the Regional Council are responsible for ensuring his standard education. Approximately one week following our appeal, the student’s transportation situation was rectified and he returned to school.

ACRI’s Appeal to the Ministry of Education and the El-Kassum Regional Council (Hebrew), 22.1.2020

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