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Israel 2020: 20 Proposals for the New Knesset

The Knesset
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Politically, 2019 was a year of gridlock and instability due to the lack of a government. As a result, many important human rights issues were not adequately addressed, including: overcrowded emergency rooms with patients being treated in hallways; discrimination against Arabs in the education system, housing and public domain; racism and incitement; police violence against protesters; the rising cost of living and accumulation of debt among masses; house demolitions in Arab communities, and the violation of Palestinian’s rights in the Occupied Territories.

In anticipation of 2020 and a new Knesset early in the year, ACRI has compiled a list of 20 legislative proposals or amendments to existing laws to be presented to the Knesset, when it is established, in order to advance human rights and democracy.

This includes continuing to promote:

  1. Basic Law: Social Rights - enshrining the rights to education, health, housing, employment and worker's rights, the right to live in dignity, and the right to social services in Israeli law.

  2. Formalizing the State's commitment to education against racism through legislation requiring the issue be addressed in teacher-training.

  3. A new Firearms Law to protect the public from the continuation of widely distributed weapons in the public sphere.

Among legislation ACRI hopes to halt in its tracks or repeal:

  1. The "Override Clause" - a dangerous bill that, if passed, will strip the High Court of its authority to check the government and balance its power.

  2. The Nation-State Law - a racist, nationalistic law that must be repealed and replaced with a clear message of equality and democracy among all residents of Israel.


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