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Shin Bet Must Protect Human Rights

Israeli Human Rights Organizations: The Shin Bet Security Services Must Protect the Human Rights of Interrogees - Both Jews and Non-Jews

Shin Bet interrogation methods and preventing interrogees from meeting with a lawyer have made headlines recently because of the arrest of youth suspected of murdering Aisha Arabi.

The Israeli human rights organizations signed on below frequently deal with allegations regarding Shin Bet interrogators, the violation of the rights of interrogees, the use of forbidden interrogation methods, and even torture. Lessons of the past demand that there be a thorough investigation of the current allegations by authorized and independent authorities.

We call upon the entire public, spanning the entire spectrum of opinions, and including all camps, to take a unified and consistent position opposing forbidden interrogation methods, regardless of the religion, race, gender or nationality of the interrogees.

Amnesty International Israel Bimkom-Planners For Planning Rights Gisha Physicians for Human Rights Rabbis For Human Rights The Association for Civil Rights in Israel The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel Torat Tzedek-Torah of Justice Yesh Din-Volunteers For Human Rights

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