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The Passing Of Israel's Discriminatory Budget

In the shadow of human tragedy of historical proportions in Israel and Gaza, the displacement of thousands of individuals from their homes, and the total loss of income and security; the government has neglected the public, leaving the most vulnerable populations to fend for themselves. The Israeli government convened and passed a budget with one implication: to neglect its responsibility towards citizens and operate from narrow political motives that promote a policy of discrimination.The budget transfers reflect an extreme populist policy that continues to starve all welfare systems, neglect mental health, and abandon humane and moral education, causing persistent violations of human rights with potential long-term consequences.

The massive failure of the various security forces on October 7th has left many Israelis questioning their ability to provide protection. Instead of reinforcing and empowering the police forces, the government is advancing laws and emergency regulations that have allowed exponential gun distribution. The police have rapidly established more than 100 civilian Community Security Squads, each receiving M16 rifles after an accelerated training process of 7 hours, lacking proper oversight.Testimonies have emerged that members of these units conduct armed patrols throughout the cities and detain Arab citizens for identity checks. Rather than fostering the reconstruction of trust and security among the populace, the government has facilitated the arming of individuals, exacerbating divisions between vulnerable and majority populations.

Another Israeli government failure is in the management of the displacement crisis in Israel: More than a hundred thousand individuals have been displaced from their homes near the Gaza Strip and northern communities since the outbreak of the war. Through legal correspondence, ACRI demanded the Minister of Construction and Housing grant a blanket exemption from rent for all residents of public and protected housing for those who were forced to evacuate their homes since October 7th. Although an ACRI attorney was denied the opportunity to speak at a Knesset committee hearing regarding evacuees, we continue to submit comments on the policy that have been introduced as amendments. If they do not let us through the door, we will go through the window.

Despite the government’s current apathy towards human rights issues, we remain committed to monitoring and addressing human rights violations through all available means. ACRI’s ongoing efforts to protect the fundamental human rights of the entire population lay the groundwork for the reconstruction of Israeli society in the aftermath of the war.Thanks to your continual support, we will not be deterred in our mission: human rights for all.


The Ministry of National Security distributes weapons to civilians but does not maintain, even minimally, oversight over private firearm holders. We all may pay a very heavy price for this negligence. In an article broadcasted on "Channel 11,"Attorney Anne Suciu of ACRI sheds light on the alarming data concealed behind the "Israel is Arming Itself" campaign. In partnership with the "Firearms on the Table" coalition, we have sent legal correspondence to the Ministry of National Security, demanding tightened supervision over the distribution of private weapons and their holders.

For the seventh year the Gaga organization, in collaboration with the Bat-Sheva Dance Company, is holding a Gaga class taught by Ohad Naharin. All proceeds from the class are dedicated to ACRI's ongoing work. Due to the war, the classes are taking place in a more intimate format in the Suzanne Dellal theater. In these challenging days, the work of the ACRI is crucial and ongoing. Especially now, we must remember that the protection of human rights is our only compass. Our commitment to humanity, democracy, and equality is the connection to hope and a better future. To donate to ACRI without participating in the classclick here.

Since the Hamas massacre on October 7th, while public and media attention naturally converges to one place, settlers embark on revenge campaigns, spreading and intensifying violence in the West Bank. With the encouragement of the government, settlers violently invade Area C in the West Bank, displacing Palestinian residents and accelerating the annexation process. From October 7th to mid-November, over 283 violent attacks by settlers against Palestinians occurred in the West Bank, resulting in the loss of 9 Palestinian lives. 160 families – 963 individuals, including 352 children – were forced to flee and abandon their homes. The Israeli government bears responsibility for the spread of settler violence in the West Bank. In partnership with other organizations, we have sent legal correspondenceto the government and relevant security leaders to take decisive action to curb the violence.

As part of our petition to repeal the amendment to the Police Ordinance ("Ben Gvir Law"), we have submitted an interim request to the Supreme Court, demanding the Minister of Public Security comply with the Attorney General and the court, to cease instructing the police in any matter related to the exercise of the right to demonstrate and freedom of expression. The request was submitted after the Minister referred to a demonstration regarding a hostage release and ceasefire as a demonstration in support of Hamas. Ben Gvir is introducing political considerations into professional decisions made by the police in the field of demonstrations and freedom of expression. Only in non-democratic regimes do politicians decide when and how demonstrations against them will take place and what messages are permissible in the demonstration.


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