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Protect the Rights of Hourly Workers Amidst Time of Emergency

Hourly workers are usually employed in occupations that require physical or public work, for relatively low wages, uncertainty and variable monthly wages. Many of them belong to disadvantaged and vulnerable populations – immigrants from the former Soviet Union or Ethiopia, youth workers, Arab citizens of Israel and residents of East Jerusalem, Palestinians, migrant workers and asylum seekers. Their rights are violated even in "normal" times; however, in times of emergency, they are severely affected.

On June 17, 2024, we sent legal correspondence (Hebrew) to the Knesset Finance Committee, together with Kav LaOved, Itach-Ma'aki and the Forum for the Struggle against Poverty. Attorney Diana Baron, from Kav LaOved, explained the unique ways in which hourly workers are affected by the war, and presented a list of solutions that must be implemented in order to compensate them and correct the injustice done to them.


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