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ACRI is Deeply Horrified by and Strongly Condemns the Atrocities along Israel's Southern Border

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel is deeply horrified by and strongly condemns the atrocities along Israel’s southern border in which hundreds of innocent lives were tragically lost.

It is the Israeli government's responsibility to take immediate action for the prompt release of the those who have been abducted. They must swiftly locate the missing individuals, extract those within the conflict zone, and provide urgent protection for those still in the southern border area.

It is also crucial to avoid causing harm to the essential humanitarian infrastructure and the civilian population in Gaza.

The residents of the southern border area of Israel have been left without protection. This abandonment continues. They are paying a heavy price for this neglect, regardless of whether they are Jewish or Arab.

The brutal attack made no distinction between Jewish and Arabs. It is essential not to be swayed by those who aim to incite violence and discrimination. Such individuals are emboldened by figures within the Israeli government, which only perpetuates this cycle of terrible acts.

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