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A family in Hebron living with sealed windows

A few years ago, soldiers sealed the windows of the house where the “A” family lives in Hebron, which faces the Worshipers' Way, Erez Alley. Nine people live in the home, including two young girls. Closing the windows prevents fresh air and sunlight from entering the house, and the family is compelled to rely on artificial lighting most of the day. Mold and moisture are found on almost every wall of the home, and the air in the house is musty with a strong, dank scent.

On 17.6.2019, ACRI contacted the Hebron brigade commander, requesting a re-examination of the decision to seal the windows of the “A” family's home, and to allow the family to open them. Attorney Abir Joubran Dakwar, the director of ACRI's Human Rights in the Occupied Territories unit, noted that many windows of surrounding homes remain open, and some houses have direct access to Worshipers' Way, so it's unclear why the decision to seal the windows of the “A” family home still stands.

Attorney Joubran Dakwar emphasized that the military's decisions must comply with the rules laid down by international humanitarian law, including maintaining public order and way of life for the benefit of protected residents. In addition to the rules of international law, the basic principles of Israeli administrative law also apply to the army, and its decisions must be reasonable and proportionate, accepted on the basis of legitimate and viable considerations on a factual basis.

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