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Is It Legal to Photograph Soldiers in Hebron?

ACRI received a complaint from a Palestinian resident in Hebron who led a team of photographers on a tour in the city and was told by a Border Police Commander that it is forbidden to photograph or film soldiers there.

On 7.2.2019, ACRI contacted the legal adviser to the West Bank to clarify the matter. "We were surprised by the [commander's] statements," wrote attorney Roni Peli, "we are not aware of the prohibition on photographing soldiers .... If this directive does not exist, we ask that the Border Police personnel's mistake be corrected immediately, in order to prevent the actual restrictions imposed on the residents of Hebron from being even greater than those many real restrictions imposed on them by law."

On 14.2.2018, ACRI received the response that "there is no prohibition against photographing soldiers or roadblocks, unless it is an activity that could be considered classified or life threatening, or is carried out in a way that significantly disrupts the activity of the security forces."

Read the response here (Hebrew & Arabic)

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