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Proposed Penal Law: Death Penalty for Terrorists

Proposed Penal Law (Amendment - Sentence of Death to Convicted), 5727 - 2017 - Preparation for First Reading

Constitution, Law and Justice Committee | Tuesday, 20.11.2018 at 9:00 am | Preparation for first reading

The Association's position: The death penalty stands in stark contrast to the values ​​of the State of Israel and undermines the moral foundations of human society. It contradicts the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty. It is also contrary to international law, to which the State of Israel is committed. Whatever the severity of the offense attributed to a person, there is no justification for taking his or her life as punishment.

Moreover, the judicial system, like any human system, is not immune to mistakes. Even if the use of the death penalty could be justified from the substantive point of view, it is sufficient to fear that one person will be unjustly killed in order to invalidate this cruel and irreversible punishment.

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