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Jerusalem Day - Let's talk about the PEOPLE

Dear Friends,

Lately, when speaking about Jerusalem, it seems the Israeli government prefers to discuss the US Embassy move to the city, and to analyze in detail the geopolitical implications of this step. We hear much less from the government about the people who live in East Jerusalem. But, we have to speak about it. We at ACRI know the poverty from up close; the neglect and dearth of infrastructure and public services; and the violence and abuse of the residences at the hands of the authorities. For the past decade ACRI has worked to ensure that the Israeli government - which decided to extend the rule of Israeli law to East Jerusalem and annexed the residents in contravention of International Law – fulfills its obligations and ensures that all Palestinians in Jerusalem, which have received permanent residence status, be entitled to enjoy the same rights as all citizens of Israel. Here are some chilling details about East Jerusalem.

So, while everyone is talking about moving the Embassy, we keep our demand to speak about the people, and insist on showing how the people are being robbed of their rights as a matter of policy. No embassy move celebration can cloud the issue.

Wishing a Ramadan Kareem to our Muslim readers.

Sharon Abraham-Weiss

Adv. Sharon Abraham-Weiss Executive Director The Association for Civil Rights in Israel

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