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  • thawra abukhdeir

Following our Appeal, a Discriminatory Job Posting Was Removed

On January 13, 2022, we appealed to the Amnon Mesilot company, demanding that they rescind their requisite for military service in their job posting for company drivers in Afula and HaAmakim. In the appeal, Atty. Abir Joubran Dakwar of ACRI claimed that military service is irrelevant to the role of a driver and constitutes a guise for discrimination against Arab drivers and their societal exclusion, which is a blatant violation of the Employment (Equal Opportunities) Law.

Following our appeal, the posting was removed. The company's response read: “The requirement in the posting addressed by your letter is a security enterprise requisite per which the company is intended to provide private transportation services. However, for the sole sake of caution, we have removed the posting in question. It should be noted that not only does the company not typically uphold such requisites in its ongoing recruitment, but it also claims that discrimination in recruitment is a patently irrelevant claim, as 80% of the company's employees (drivers, staff, and management) come from Arab society. ”


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