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Annul Shay Mizrahi's Appointment as a Judge in the Israel Police's Disciplinary Court

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Kan 11 News reported that Israel Police Chief Superintendent Shai Mizrahi, who previously commanded the Kiryat Malakhi station, was appointed a judge in the police’s disciplinary court. Mizrahi was removed from his post as station commander following the revelation of evidence regarding severe racism, humiliation, and violence by station police against Ethiopians. Moreover, the station was revealed to have changed records of criminal offenses to produce a false representation of a decrease in crime in the city.

ACRI, the Association of Ethiopian Jews, the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, and the Clinic for Multiculturalism and Diversity at the Hebrew University, contacted the director of the Police’s Disciplinary Department, demanding that his appointment be immediately annulled. The appeal claimed that this was a patently unacceptable decision, reflecting a disregard for human dignity and conveying a message of forgiveness for racist and violent conduct toward Ethiopians. Moreover, this appointment further exacerbates the public’s distrust in the Israeli Police.

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