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Stop the eviction
Photo by Raed Mahmoud Mousa Najar

Dear friends,

This past Wednesday, the High Court of Justice abruptly reached a decision that legalizes the forcible eviction of approximately 1,000 Palestinian women, men, and children from their homes in Masafer Yatta in the southern Hebron Mountains.

Palestinians in the villages of Masafer Yatta live in poverty and difficult conditions within caves and huts, with agriculture as their only source of income. For over 22 years, ACRI has accompanied and represented the residents of the villages of Masafer Yatta in the battle to remain on their land and preserve their unique lifestyle. We have witnessed them become parents, and then grandparents, all the while struggling to make a living to feed their families.

Up until this point, a court order has been prohibiting the forcible transfer of those families; the verdict given on Wednesday night officially legalizes the eviction of entire villages by the Israeli military.

ACRI's position is that the ruling poses a dangerous precedent with regards to its interpretation of the international law. In demanding redress, ACRI will spend tens of thousands of shekels in legal costs on top of the high costs imposed on us for the previous legal interventions. To stand up and make the ultimate case to save the homes of 1,000 people, we need you by our side.

It is urgent that we raise 100,000 NIS in order to afford the additional legal expenses and submit a request for another, final hearing in court, which requires a costly deposit.

Palestinians in Masafer Yatta deserve to live safely and in dignity, and they must not be abandoned in this most critical moment.

Will you join us in this fight against forcible transfer?

Your contribution today will give Masafer Yatta another chance.

Thank you for your help and dedication,


Noa Sattath

Executive Director

Association for Civil Rights in Israel


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