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The Police’s Conduct During the “Plowing” Operation in Sa’Wa Village

Illustration - Bedouin village. Photo by Yosi Zamir, Shatilstock

On 22.2.2021, police forces entered the Bedouin village of Sawa in the Negev to escort a “plowing” operation in the agricultural fields, which are the source of both income and food for the Bedouin population residing in the area. From testimonies we received, it seems that the Police conducted needless arrests of residents on site while using excessive violence, despite the residents not using force or violence towards the Police or the forces conducting the “plowing.” Furthermore, testimonies claim that the Police detained those arrested for over six hours in a detention bus with no access to food nor to restrooms, and even prevented them from accessing medical care. According to the testimonies, the violation to the rights of the detainees continued even after they were brought to the police station, where they were withheld the right to consult with an attorney prior to investigation.

Following the testimonies, we appealed to the Commissioner of Police along with the Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality. ACRI’s Attorney Anne Sucio and Field Worker Sivan Tahel, along with the Forum’s CEO Haia Noach, requested an investigation of the events and the reports of violations of the rights of detainees, as well as taking the necessary steps to avoid a recurrence of such events.

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