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Issues with Opening Kindergartens in Bedouin Settlements

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Parents who arrived with their children on the first day of school to the kindergarten in the unrecognized village of Abu Queider discovered that their children are not allowed to enter, since the kindergarten is at full capacity. They were forced to leave, despite having enrolled their children previously. Their appeal to the Regional Council of Neve Midbar was unanswered, and they were not offered any alternative for their children.

On 2.9.2020, ACRI appealed to the Regional Council and the Ministry of Education, along with the Regional Council for Unrecognized Villages in the Negev. In the appeal, ACRI’s Attorney Sana Ibn Bari emphasizes the duty of the State to provide an educational structure to every child from the age of 3 to 18 years old, and the violation of these children’s rights to education, equality in education and respect.

On 7.9.2020, Attorney Reut Shaer, Director of the Public Hotline at ACRI, appealed to the Kuseife Regional Council and the Ministry of Education, after the opening of the school year in two kindergartens in the settlement was delayed to 16.9.2020. Both structures of the kindergartens were set on fire and burned back in May, but to this day, the Ministry of Education and Regional Council have not acted to renovate them or find an alternative for the children. The parents were not even notified that the school year will not open as usual, and had to find out only upon appealing to the Council by their own accord.

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