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ACRI Successes Summer 2019

Love is colorblind: Following a petition ACRI filed, a Sudanese asylum seeker married to an Israeli citizen will be allowed to move forward with his request for permanent status.

Goals against discrimination: The Be’er Sheva District Court accepted ACRI’s position and ordered the municipality to increase financial support for women’s soccer teams in the city.

Arabic Matriculation Exams: The High Court of Justice accepted ACRI’s demand that the Ministry of Education translate matriculation exams into Arabic, affording more than 545,000 Arab students –24% of students in Israel — equal opportunities for academic advancement.

Equality in Sports: Be'er Sheva District Court accepted ACRI’s joint petition and ordered the municipality to cease gender discrimination and increase budgets for women’s sports teams.

Marching with Pride: Following our appeal, police rescinded their illegal security demands on the organizers of the first LGBTQ pride march in Bat Yam.

Rights for Refugees & Migrants: Following our petition, the municipality of Petah Tivka announced that they will register the children of asylum seekers and migrants for kindergarten.

No Intimidation at the Polls: Chairman of the Electoral Commission adopted ACRI’s position that political party “observers” cannot photograph or record at polling stations.

Cleaning Up the City: Following our requests, the municipality of Jerusalem provided garbage containers and pest control operations in the Dahiyat A-Salam neighborhood of East Jerusalem, and the sanitary situation in the neighborhood has improved significantly.

Freedom of Speech: Following our petition to the district court, it was ruled that rapper Tamer Nafar could not be banned from performing in Umm al-Fahm over “indecent lyrics” as the municipality claimed.

Public Parks are for Everyone: The Interior Minister adopted our position and will not allow local authorities to collect money to enter public parks.

Stop Discrimination in Hiring Election Inspectors: Following our request, army service as a requisite for serving as Election Inspectors (Poll Workers) was abolished.

Let Students Speak: Tel Aviv District Court accepted our claim on behalf of Tel Aviv University students after the University charged them for security during a political conference on campus, infringing on their freedom of expression. The decision banned TAU from such action.


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