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Prosecute officer who attacked ultra-Orthodox man


On June 23, 2010, ACRI petitioned the High Court of Justice along with a Haredi resident of Jerusalem and the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, demanding that the court order the Police Internal Investigations Department’s criminal prosecution of a police officer who assaulted an ultra-Orthodox man who was handcuffed and neutralized. Following the assault, the officer filed a false arrest report, accusing the man of "assaulting the cop."

The petition alleges that the Police Internal Investigations Department's decision to settle for disciplinary proceedings against the officer and refrain from criminal prosecution is extremely unreasonable, given the grave nature of the assault. The petition also addresses the dangerous phenomenon of false complaints filed by police against civilians allegedly attacking them.

HCJ 4237/19 Rotman v. Police Internal Investigations Department

Attorneys: Noa Levy and Efrat Bergman-Sapir (Public Committee Against Torture in Israel), and Anne Suciu (ACRI)

For further information (Hebrew)

The petition was written with the help of intern Sasha Hazan

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