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Protecting Democracy in the State of Emergency - Join us

Protecting you


We are providing information on the Coronavirus situation and providing relief to vulnerable populations during the crisis. An ongoing, partial list of our activities:


Freezing National Insurance debts until June

Freezing mortgage and public housing payments

Main news bulletin presented with Arabic subtitles and sign language

Appealed to open banks so pensioners and welfare recipients can withdraw their benefits

Appealed to Ministry of Justice to freeze home demolitions in the Negev and East Jerusalem

Ceased disconnecting debtors from electricity during the crisis 

Wrote to Prime Minister and Minister of Finance to create emergency aid package

Protecting democracy


We are working 24/7 to ensure that the authorities act in accordance with the law –especially in a state of emergency. An ongoing, partial list includes:


Petitioned to the HCJ against emergency regulation allowing Shin Bet to track civilians' phones; HCJ sided with our argument that such authority can only come from special legislation.

Petitioned to the HCJ against freezing the judicial system in the state of emergency

Appealed to head of police to stop the shutdown of a protest outside of Knesset

Petitioned to make at-home learning accessible to the 400,000+ children without computer or internet access. 

English Media


Who we are 

Founded in 1972, ACRI is a policy driven, non-profit organization protecting the human rights and civil liberties of all people living in Israel and the Occupied Territories.

We uphold the pillars of democracy by demanding that duty bearers change policies and practices that violate basic rights and liberties. ACRI works together with the courts, the Knesset, government agencies and civil society to tackle Israel’s most urgent human rights injustices. To this end, our strategic focus areas include: the Arab minority, migrants and refugees, the occupied territories, social and economic rights, and political and social rights.


ACRI promotes a public discourse about human rights via events and protests, as well as extensive social and print media in Hebrew, Arabic and English, while advancing an institutionalized human rights education curriculum through intensive work with teacher training colleges, universities, and the Ministry of Education.

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