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Difficulty in Financing Medication Deductibles

Lately, there's been a troubling trend: disadvantaged populations are struggling to cover health expenses, particularly medication deductibles. For many years, there has been research stating that the country's expenditure on health services is high by international comparison, and that disadvantaged populations in Israel are forced to forgo health services, specifically the purchase of medicines. This trend has been exacerbated by the crisis that has afflicted Israel since October 7, in which there has been an increase in medical needs alongside a significant increase in the cost of living, and many have encountered financial difficulties.

On May 20, 2024, we sent legal correspondence (Hebrew) regarding the issue to the Minister of Health and the Director General of the Ministry of Health, together with the Adva Center, the Galilee Civic Forum for Health Promotion, the Coalition of Health Organizations in the Negev, and Physicians for Human Rights. Nili Alexandrovich of PHRI presented up-to-date data on the percentage of Israelis forced to forgo prescription drugs due to deductibles, and asked the Minister and the Director General to meet with the organizations in order to promote an orderly policy on the issue, based on existing professional knowledge including appropriate and comprehensive protections for disadvantaged populations.


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