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"Compromised" Arrangement for Selecting Judges also Constitutes a Takeover of the Judicial System

ACRI’s Position on the New Amendment Regarding the Judicial Selection Committee
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The Association for Civil Rights in Israel opposes the new arrangement proposed on March 19, 2023 regarding the Judicial Selection Committee. Even after the "compromise," it still constitutes an unacceptable subversion of the rule of law. If this arrangement is approved, we will turn to the High Court of Justice to invalidate it.

The "compromised" arrangement allows the coalition to always appoint two justices to the Supreme Court. In practice, the current coalition can now appoint two Supreme Court justices based solely on its own discretion, as well as the new Supreme Court President in a few months' time. This effectively translates into an almost absolute influence of the coalition, both now and in the future, over the appointment of Supreme Court justices and other judicial positions.

In other words, the government is planning to seize control of the Supreme Court within two weeks, and then advance all other legislative steps toward the subversion of the judicial system. There's no softening, no moderation – just a smokescreen.

Let us reiterate – Israel's governmental structure, and the near absolute control of the government over the Knesset, places the Supreme Court as a central and nearly singular entity capable of balancing power and preventing infringement on human rights and minorities. Control over the Judicial Selection Committee signifies relinquishing the Supreme Court's independence and a complete disregard for human rights. We will receive a court dominated by the authorities' judgment instead of independent and professional judges.


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