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ACRI's Contribution to 75 Years of Independent Israeli Law

Over the past 50 years, ACRI has made significant contributions to several litigations which have been included in a book that has been launched by the Judiciary on the 75-year anniversary of Israeli independent law.

This book brings together lists written by judges and registrars from all judicial instances that have contributed to the development of Israeli law, since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. It represents historical and contemporary perspectives on issues that have preoccupied society and the state throughout history.

ACRI has contributed to the following 29 litigations:

Civil and Political Rights

1. HCJ 86/14 Laor v. Board of Review of Films and Plays (1987). The case concerned freedom of speech regarding a banned play.

2. Civil Appeal 294/91 Chevra Kadisha Gahasha "Kehilat Yerushalayim" v. Kestenbaum (1992). The litigation dealt with the ability to add English words and Gregorian dates to tombstones.

3. HCJ 8988/06 Meshi Zahav v. Jerusalem District Commander (2006). The petition was about trying to prevent the pride parade in Jerusalem.

4. HCJ 6824/07 Manna v. Israel Tax Authority (2010). The petition was about not using police checkpoints to collect debts administratively, but for operational purposes only.

5. HCJ 1892/14 Association for Civil Rights in Israel v. Minister of Public Security (2017). The litigation concerned life conditions for prisoners and detainees.

Social Rights

6. HCJ 366/03 Commitment to Peace and Social Justice v. Minister of Finance (2005)

7. HCJ 4542/02 Kav LaOved Association v. Government of Israel (2006)

8. UFO (National) 17457-08-14 Carroll - National Insurance Institute (2018)

9. HCJ 2293/17Gersgeher v. Knesset (2020)

10. HCJ 4988/19 Rosenzweig Moissa v. Public Utilities Electricity Authority (2022)


11. HCJ 153/87 Shkediel v. Minister of Religious Affairs (1988)

12. HCJ 721/94 El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. v. Danilovich (1994)

13. HCJ 4541/94 Miller v. Minister of Defense (1995)

14. HCJ 4112/99 Adalah, The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel v. Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality (2002)

Separation of Powers & the Law of Democracy

15. HCJ 5555/18 Hasson v. Knesset of Israel (2021)

Individual Property & Common Property

16. HCJ 528/88 Avitan v. Israel Lands Administration (1989)

17. HCJ 6698/95 Ka'adan v. Israel Land Administration (2000)

18. Civil Appeal 8956/17 Mansur v. Kochav Yair-Tzur Yigal Local Council (2021)

Litigation, Evidence & Procedural Justice

19. HCJ 6055/95Zemach v. Minister of Defense (1999)

Criminal Law

20. Civil Appeal 8182/18 Mushaya v. State of Israel (2020)

Security & Emergencies

21. HCJ 5100/94 Public Committee Against Torture in Israel v. Government of Israel (1999)

22. HCJ 6732/20 Association for Civil Rights in Israel v. Knesset (2021)

International Law

23. HCJ 7957/04 Mara'aba v. Prime Minister of Israel (2005)

24. HCJ 7146/12 Adam v. Knesset of Israel (2013)

25. HCJ 7385/13 Eitan - Israeli Immigration Policy v. Government of Israel (2014)

26. HCJ 8655/14 Desta v. Knesset (2015)

27. HCJ 1308/17 Silwad Municipality v. Knesset (2020)

Labor Law

28. HCJ 104/87 Nevo v. National Labor Court (1990)

Law & Technology

29. National Appeal 90-08 Isakov Inbar - Commissioner of the Women's Labor Law (2011)

Find the Hebrew version of the book here.


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