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Absence of Shelter in 'Trailer Neighborhood' in Bat Yam

Residents of the "Trailer Neighborhood" in Bat Yam live in temporary dilapidated buildings composed of thin gypsum or concrete walls that do not provide adequate protection and may be prone to fires, potentially turning homes into firetraps. Adjacent to each building are external gas balloons that are unprotected. Approximately forty families reside in dire conditions, including infants, elderly individuals, and people with disabilities. They pay subsidized rent to the Ministry of Housing through Amidar.

During missile attacks, these families are left completely defenseless and without any shelter. Despite repeated appeals to the Home Front Command over the years, including during the current war, no effective action has been taken, and different authorities continue to pass the responsibility to each other. The only proposed solution for the residents is to reach the city's municipal sports stadium, which is approximately 8-5 minutes away from the edge of the neighborhood. However, according to Home Front Command instructions, the prescribed time to reach the shelters is only a minute and a half.

On October 29, 2023, we urgently appealed (Hebrew) to the Home Front Command, the Bat Yam municipality, and the Ministry of Housing, demanding that they provide a public shelter or suitable protective measures for the neighborhood's residents. Alternatively, we requested a temporary relocation of the residents to an alternative living space in the city with secure facilities. ACRI's legal staff highlighted, in the petition, that the situation violates the residents' legal rights to dignity, equality, life, and health. We stressed that according to the law, the responsibility for providing shelter in the neighborhood lies with the local authority and the Home Front Command, all of which have failed and continue to neglect their legal obligations.


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