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Finally: Pest control and garbage cans in Dahiyat a-Salam

East Jerusalem, 2011

A few months ago, a resident of the Dahiyat a-Salam neighborhood in East Jerusalem contacted ACRI regarding neglect and harsh sanitary conditions in the neighborhood. He said that there are no garbage bins or cleaning services in the neighborhood, and that residents have to remove the trash on their own with private vehicles, or walk a few hundred meters to the nearest dumpster. He also complained of rats and mice. The residents' appeals to the municipal hotline did not help.

The long-awaited change took place following appeals to the municipality on behalf of ACRI attorney Sapir Slutzker-Amran and Laila Eisa. At the end of May, ACRI received a reply from the municipal sanitation department, according to which 30 garbage cans were allocated to the neighborhood, and pest control was carried out along with drying up reservoirs. Now that the municipality clears the trash, the situation in the neighborhood has improved significantly.

ACRI's appeal to the Jerusalem Municipality, March 2019 (Hebrew)

Municipality response, May 2019 (Hebrew)


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