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ACRI in Focus: Quarter 1, 2019

9 new legal proceedings, 34 human rights education workshops and lectures, 138 policy advocacy papers, meetings and events

Your generous support during our "Up to Us" matching campaign last December helped ACRI take advantage of election season to keep the threats to Israel's democracy at the top of the public agenda.

This past week, as Israel marked Holocaust Remembrance Day, ACRI's success in preventing the forced eviction of 45 Holocaust survivors and World War II veterans made front page news.

Now, just days away from when we remember those who lost their lives in the conflict, and the war on Gaza and rockets to Southern Israel reignited this week, ACRI stands up for human rights for all persons, as we have done for almost 50 years.

You can count on us to continue the struggle to maintain Israel's democracy.

Support Human Rights | Support ACRI.

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