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Municipal Inspectors in Nahariya Ordered to Remove Protest Signs

On January 7, 2022, five people held a protest against the Green Pass in a plaza outside the Nahariya Mall. During the protest, protest signs were temporarily hung on the guardrails. When a city inspector showed up, he told the protesters to take down their signs. They did, and one of the protesters was even fined for breaking a city law about signs.

We appealed to the Nahariya Municipality's Legal Advisor, requesting that a directive be issued clarifying that the Municipal Inspection Division and all other relevant bodies lack authority to remove, and fine demonstrators for, temporary protest signs. Atty. Reut Shaer, Unit Director of the Public Hotline, and Sivan Tahel, Field Worker and Researcher, emphasized the importance of freedom of expression, with an emphasis on freedom of political expression and the freedom to conduct protests and demonstrations. They looked at a number of court decisions, including a recent one about our case against the Jerusalem Municipality. I further requested that the directive be brought to the attention of the public in the city, and that the fine issued to the demonstrator be rescinded.

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