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The Jerusalem Police Policy Prohibiting the Display of the Palestinian Authority’s Flag

Protest in Sheikh Jarrah, 2010
Protest in Sheikh Jarrah, 2010. Photo by Emily Shcneider, ACRI

On 4.1.2021, we appealed to the Legal Advisor to the Police, following the arrest of a protestor waving the flag of the Palestinian Authority at the weekly protest in Sheikh Jarrah, which is taking place in response to the eviction of local families from their homes. Several examples are cited in the appeal, illustrating events in which the Jerusalem Police erased graffiti of the flag, demanded its removal, confiscated flags, and arrested those waving the flag at protests.

Attorney Reut Shaer argued in the appeal that the consistent and unofficial policy of the Jerusalem Police to prohibit the display of the flag throughout the city is illegal, and against the ruling on the matter of freedom of expression and enforcement policy instructed by the Deputy Attorney General. Furthermore, we argued that it is not within the role of the Police to censor political expressions - regardless of how controversial they may be, and that doing so is a disproportionate violation to the core of the freedom of expression.

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