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Fuel Supply to Gaza Strip

On 31.8.2020, five human rights organizations, including ACRI, submitted an urgent petition to the High Court following limitations imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip. Since 11.8, Israel has forbade the supply of construction materials to the Gaza Strip, and since 13.8, it has also blocked its supply of fuels through the Kerem Shalom crossing. As a result, the only power station in the Gaza Strip, which supplies a third of the electricity available to the residents, has been shut down. Since 16.8, Israel has enforced a full marine closure in the Gaza Strip, and since 23.8 has prevented the supply of shipments through the Kerem Shalom crossing, with the exception of food and medicine.

The petition argues that these steps, especially the blockage of fuel supply, severely violates the essential needs of the civilian population in the Gaza Strip, and further hurts their economy, healthcare system, and other basic infrastructures. The petitioning organizations argued that the destructive sanctions imposed by Israel oppose International Law and the Supreme Court’s ruling, are meant to harm the residents of the Gaza Strip, and ignore Israel’s duty to preserve the livelihoods and protect the rights of two million residents.

On the following day, the State submitted its response, in which it claimed that the activity of the Kerem Shalom crossing will be restored the very same day, and that the fishing zone will be reinstated to 15 miles, in accordance with “keeping the quiet and stable security.”

Due to the State’s response, the High Court dismissed the petition.

HCJ 6030/20


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